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Dove Creek Subdivision


We will begin upgrading water line throughout Dove Creek Subdivision off of State Highway 156, from a 2" line to a 4" line, starting Saturday February 4th.  Customers living in this area will have some interruptions of water service during this time of construction.  Please be patient with us.  This project is estimated to last around 3 weeks.  If you have any questions please call our office at 936-653-4384 (24 hour answering service)

Cedar Lodge upgrade

We will begin upgrading water line down Cedar Lodge Rd from a 2" line to a 4" line, starting Wednesday - November 2nd.  Customers living down this road will have some interruptions of water service during this time of construction. Please be patient with us.  If you have any questions please call our office at 936-653-4384

Public Invitation


MONDAY - OCTOBER 17, 2016 @ 7 PM

The San Jacinto SUD would like to extend an invitation to the public to participate in an information meeting with a question and answer session.

Please feel free to attend and have your questions ready for the board and attending professionals.

Some topics of discussion:

  • Lakeview Estates Water Line Construction
  • New Well Located At 300 South Sierra Rd
  • Loan/Grant From USDA
  • ADA Upgrade For Office Location


Report Leaks

Please call us if you suspect a water main break, water leak, or water contamination.

*24 Hour Emergency Service*  936-653-4384

If you notice any suspicious activity around any of our fire hydrants, flush valves, water mains or our well sites, please contact us immediately.

Repeat samples

Repeat Monitoring Violation Total Coliform Rule:

Each month, San Jacinto SUD/2040033, is required to submit water samples for bacterological testing.  The samples we submitted during June 2015 contained coliform bacteria.  The presence of coliform bacteria indicates a potential problem with our water treatment system or the pipes that distribute the treated water.

When coliform bacteria are found in our distribution system sample, The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) requires us to collect a specific number of repeat samples to help determine if there is a problem.

The repeat samples were not collected.

The failure to collect any or all of these repeat samples is a monitoring violation and we are required to notify you of this violation.  If you have any questions regarding this violation, you may contact our General Manager, Wes Isbell at 936-653-4384

Conserve Water

Please conserve your water usage for at least the next month.  We have one of our wells out of service for some minor repairs.  Please check out our conservation tips on our page. 

Thank you


Attention customers: It has come to our attention that many of our customers do not have their address displayed on their homes or mail boxes. This makes it difficult for our crew to locate your home when you call in on an issue. Please make your address visible for us to see. Thank you.

New Rates to begin 3/1/2015


Current Base Rates                              New Base Rates

3/4"      $32.00                                           $40.00

3/4x3/4  48.00                                             60.00

1"           80.00                                            100.00

1 1/2"     160.00                                           200.00

2"           256.00                                           320.00

3"           512.00                                           640.00

4"           800.00                                          1000.00

OLD GALLON CHARGE                           NEW GALLON CHARGE

$4.00/1000 gals up to 10,000 gals          $4.50/1000 gals up to 8,000 gals

$5.50/1000 gals thereafter                     $6.00/1000 gals thereafter


Other Fees

Return Ck Fee-  Changed from $30 to $35

Service Trip Fee- Changed from $50 to $75


Do your part to conserve water

Customers are asked to conserve water wherever they can. Limit your usage outside and only water early in the morning and late at night. It is very important for everyone to do their part to conserve this precious resource for our future. A copy of our DCP is located in the Forms & Reports section for your viewing.

Pay Your Bill Online!

Check out new ways to pay your water bills...... Go to Bill Payment Options above and follow the steps. If you have any problems or questions feel free to call our office at 936-653-4384 or 877-885-7968 Paying online is easy, fast and safe. Print receipts, avoid late penalties; the payment posts the day you make it. $1.00 fee for checks charge by payment processor; 2.75% (+ .50 if under $100) for credit cards.