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Due to recent circimstances our DOORS WILL REMAIN LOCKED.    ALL PAYMENTS ARE STILL DUE AS NORMAL.  We are here in the office you may call 936-653-4384 during normal business hours.   Please use the drop box or pay online, or call 1-877-885-7968 to make your payment.  

After much consideration and discussion, the Board has decided to raise our monthly base fee to $44.00, and our water rate to $4.75 per thousand gallons for the first 8,000 gallons after that  the water rate will be $6.25 per thousand gallons.  The new rates will start on the July 01, 2021 bill.   Starting May 01, 2021 Customer Deposits will go to $350.

The office hours will be changing July, 2021 to Monday - Thursday 7:00am to 5:30pm.



Contact Information Update Form

Please update your contact information so in case of emergency, water outrage, or service issues, we can contact you.  

Contact Information Update Form 

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